Self Portrait - Squares

Self portrait! : )

This was inspired by the cover of a stocks magazine but instead of different colours, I have a different media in every square.

This was made to act as a centrepiece for my degree show, as well as an awesome portfolio piece that shows off the different things I can do. (I also had to learn some new skills, as well as remember some old ones.)

The media/styles are as follows: (Left to right, top to bottom)

Gouache, paper cut-out, screentone, stitching,
pastel, cel shading (digital), digital painting, vector,
acrylic, pop-art (digital), pixel art, sketching pencil,
coloured pencil, inking pen, marker, watercolour.

Screentone is from

I also made a mailer from this, by cutting out each individual square, with the media/style printed on the back, and putting it into a cute little envelope. I might put up some photos, I haven't decided yet.

Another one that I only have a watermarked version for. : /

I wasn't entirely sure which folder to put this in; but, even though the traditional squares outnumber the digital ones, the full piece only exists in a digital format (and the ones I printed for my show) so this seemed like a better place for it.


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