Distant Palace

This image killed my poor computer, haha. The full size image is A3, 300dpi, and it took me something like... 6 days..?

It's supposed to be an alien/fantasy landscape, but that doesn't really come across, hopefully that very magical-looking-castle in the distance there is enough to get the point across.

I had a mental image when I was drawing this, of some adventurers getting to the top of that near hill, and seeing all of this spread out before them, with their goal (the palace) finally in sight after their long and tiring journey. :D

The palace doesn't look quite like I wanted it to (it's missing a tower) and the forest at the foot of the mountain is... less than perfect, but there came a point that I had to just call it finished and move onto the next piece. Maybe I'll draw another version someday, when my landscape skills improve a little.

Based on a photo I took from somewhere on the moors above Dovestones Reservoir.

Unfortunately I only have a watermarked version of this.


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