Kroe and Nailo - Ambush

Kroe, and Nailo... and a shadow monster.

I guess they failed their spot check.

I mostly like this. Kroe and Nailo were definitely worth the very long time it took me to get their line arts right and get the colouring right and such. The shadow monster looks... awful. I'm really not happy with it. D:

Well, I should explain what this pic is about no? Basically, Nailo is my first D&D character, she's a cleric of Mystra. Kroe belongs to Amistatian over at dA. She's a rogue.

So, when the brief came up, to make an illustration book about, well, me... I wanted mine to act as a portfolio (so it needed fantasy art, because that's what I want to do), but also to show my interests and inspirations. D&D (and roleplaying in general) is something that I really love doing, so drawing Nailo for the book seemed like an obvious thing. But, D&D is a party-based game, and the picture would look pretty sparse with just Nailo, so Kroe was added.

Why Kroe? Well, Kroe and Nailo ended up being something of a double-team in most of our battles, and they were also the only two surviving members of the original party by the end of our campaign, so it just seemed logical. : )


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