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This is pretty much me trying to channel fannish obsession into something productive. It seems to be working~

I had fun with the lighting on this. :3

Armoured Heart

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‘Cause I’ve been watching Fairy Tail, and there needed to be fanart. Erza is such a badass.

Tormishire – Long Haul

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More Tormi artwork for James (Boss Baddie) The protagonists’ face amuses me endlessly, he’s so SRSBSNS.

Tsol is just enjoying the ride. :3

Glowing mushrooms! Because. What other light source would you use underground~?

Noob Thief

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I play Euro RO now, (or whatever is functioning as Euro RO).

That means fanart and stuffs, so here is my thief. My noob-y noob-y thief. Complete with Mr Smile, because it’s the only hat I can get.

Ragnarok Online – Yoyo Card

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My entry for a competition on EuRO, to re-design a few of the monster cards in the game. This would be Yoyo… with a yoyo. : )

This won, by the way. 😀

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